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Less Like

a Dove /Agi Mishol

“A freewheeling horticultural homage . . . Shalev’s own garden serves as a point of departure for literary musings that bloom into a kind of ‘autobiography with flowers.’ . . . Witty prose expertly translated from the Hebrew by Joanna Chen and charmingly illustrated by Refaella Shir.” —Benjamin Balint, Tel Aviv Review of Books


“Charming musings on the ‘moments of bliss’ found in the garden, in which gardening teaches perspective and the rewards of hard work . Rests on solid botanical knowledge but is never heavy-handed.” —Kirkus Reviews 

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Light /Yonatan Berg

"Devoted in its irreverence and gently ferocious in its devotaion, Less Like a Dove presents, in Joanna Chen's attentive and attuned translation, a robust selection of the work that has brought Agi Mishol to the forefront of contemporary Israeli poetry."  —Peter Cole, author of Hymns & Qualms 

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My Wild
Garden /Meir Shalev


"Yonatan Berg's poetry is fervent and relentless in its language, each poem moving forward in a series of proclamations that are as absolute as they are heartbreaking, 'We told ourselves it would pass./We put everything in place, near/the couches, the armchairs. On the balcony, flowers/spiraled towards the sun.' In the midst of this book's almost unbearable traumas, its attention to that which is rapturous and romantic about the natural world asks us to rethink how our wars kill us and our ability to see the beauty of the planet on which we live. These are necessary translations. And these translations by Joanna Chen bring to light the fact that poetry travels beyond language. This is a beautiful book."—Jericho Brown, author of The New Testament

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But First I Call Your
Name / Hadassa Tal


This is an outstanding collection of poems, exquisitely written by Hadassa Tal and translated with empathy and delicacy by Joanna Chen. The book is haunting, in every sense, lyrical and innovative, both enchanting and painful. - Mandy Pannett, Tears in the Fence.

Available in print and Kindle formats from:

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